“Eleven,” a breathtaking full-length debut showcasing a majestic synth-rock sound and the contrasting vocals of Hilliard (soaring and ethereal) and Donovan (more dark and droning).”

Scott Mervis (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Donovan and Hilliard prove to be a commanding yin-yang musical duo. Hilliard’s softer, siren-like vocals and enchanting key parts contrast gorgeously with Donovan’s low voice and heavier guitar lines.”

Melanie Stangl (Sound Scene Express)

...sonically enormous synth-pop-meets-indie-rock record, filled with ethereal synths and vocals as well as personal journeying. ”

Meg Fair (City Paper)

Dinosoul is one of the most innovative teamings you’ll ever hear. The Pittsburgh band, currently featuring singer and guitarist Donny Donovan and singer and keyboardist Carolyn Hilliard, is a dark-synth indie band; the type that you rarely hear in the age of radio-friendly indie-pop.”

Christopher Gonda (Pure Grain Audio)

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